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Polycraft ZA 22 Thixo Body RTV Skin Safe Addition Cure Mould Mak

Polycraft ZA 22 Thixo Body RTV Skin Safe Addition Cure Mould Mak

Polycraft ZA 22 Thixo Body RTV Skin Safe Addition Cure Mould Mak

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ZA 22 THIXO BODY - Skin & Body Safe Moulding Silicone Rubber

ZA 22 THIXO BODY - this is a very solid silicone rubber, which can be applied to the skin to create the shape of the face, hands or other parts of the body. Rubber vulcanised quickly at room temperature and accurately conveys the shape of the body of any initial model - better and faster than with any alginate.

Unlike alginate forms, suitable only for a single use, flexible shell mold of ZA 22 THIXO BODY has been successfully used in multiple fills most complex and exotic products.

For the casting of final products manufactured in the form of ZA 22 THIXO BODY, you can use moulding materials based on polyurethane, polyester and epoxy resins, gypsum, both conventional and polymer, various types of concrete, the mixture for the production of ceramics, and other similar materials.

ZA 22 THIXO BODY in primary form, is RTV silicone rubber, consisting of two components (base and catalyst), which is cured at room temperature.

Mixing ratio 1 : 1 Viscosity of the mix pre-catalisation >50000 cP Working time at 23 °C (73 °F) 6 minutes’ Setting time at 23 °C (73 °F) 15’ - 20’ Hardness Shore-A after 24 hours 22 ± 2 ShA

Please note that while this product is classed as skin safe ALWAYS test on a small area to ensure suitability of the product with the subject.

Inhibition of Cure Great care must be taken when handling and mixing all addition-cured silicone elastomer systems, that all the mixing tools (vessels and spatulas) are clean and constructed in materials which do not interfere with the curing mechanism, do not use wood and paper mixing utensils. The cure of the rubber can be inhibited by the presence of compounds of nitrogen, sulphur, phosphorus and arsenic; organotin catalysts and PVC stabilisers, epoxy resin catalysts and even contact with materials containing certain of these substances e.g. moulding clays, sulphur vulcanised rubbers, condensation cure silicone rubbers, wood, paper, cardboard, onion and garlic.

Base and catalyst use universal containers for various kit sizes and are supplied by weight, while the supplied containers may not be full, they will contain the correct amount of both base and hardener according to the listing. At point of packaging and dispatch lids may be taped to prevent damage or spillage during transportation.